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Well, I have heard form sellers and seen from users that they put them in places such as wrists, behind ears, lower neck, behind the knees (as a user mentioned in Basenotes forum)

I prefer myself to apply a little in my hair. When hair gets wet, it gives an extra dose of strength and even after showers I can still smell a soft delicate scent. I put some oil in inner collar, or in shirt corners. Clothes may get stained so be warned. I do this because I have sensitiveness to practically anything I touch. I use soap for sensitive skin for hand, hair and body wash.  Putting oil on clothes allows me to enjoy the scents I enjoy. 

If you don’t like the idea of body oils, perhaps you can upgrade them to perfume atomizers. Either buy them ready made (ask for the mix ratio though) or buy oil in bulk, perfumers alcohol, an atomizer bottle, and you got your DIY perfume for less than $20, when it retails for close to $70 at least and up to hundreds for many niche and designer perfumes.

Remember when I said oils last for days? If they are applied on clothes, some of them do last for days. Keep in mind about nose fatigue or nose blindness. After some time, you get used to the scent and will not notice it. Rest assured, the scent is still living strong on you. One way to test is either ask a significant one or close friend if they can smell perfume on you, or put some in a cloth/tissue and let it stay in another room. Visit the room in a few hours. You will notice the test sample item still has scent on it.

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