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I am in the fragrance business. It’s mostly body oils, cheap but high quality impersonations of designer perfumes. I do get some common repeated questions often so I thought of putting some informative writing for consumers who may not be aware of these alternatives and answering some of the questions they may have.

Are body oils or perfume oils safe ?

They are made to be used on skin, so they are safe. There are people who have allergies from certain essential oils or cosmetics products, so these users need to be careful with these oils just like with any other product they put on skin. However, these are not essential oils (plant extracted oils), so a person who may have allergies from let’s say lavender essential oil, most probably won’t have any allergies form lavender body oil, since these body oils are synthetics oils. If all ingredients were procured from plants or naturally (not synthesized in the lab) these body oils would break the bank.

What are these body oils that I have been hearing about?

These are (made to smell) same as perfumes. In many cases they are uncut and you get 100% of the concentration that the manufacturer made. There are sellers out there though that dilute them so buy a little and test the quality of the oils that the particular seller provides then buy more in the future if you are satisfied. Oils should last for hours. So keep that in mind when choosing sellers. Don’t confuse them with essential oils. My writing is for perfume body oil.

How can you sell designer inspired colognes? How can you sell branded name perfumes?

 Selling what I sell is completely legal. A correction though, I don’t sell branded name perfumes; I sell perfumes that are inspired from the branded names. I use the brand name perfumes for comparative marketing, which is totally legal. If you are in the law field, you should know this already, and if you aren’t but are interested in the subject I would refer to US court case some half a century ago: R. G. Smith, Doing Business Under the Name and Style of Ta’ron, Inc., and International Fragrances, Inc., Appellants, v. Chanel, Inc., and Chanel Industries, Inc., Appellees, 402 F.2d 562 .

There is a flourishing industry with body oils or perfume oils. Lots of other sellers are doing this, online, offline.

Are these fragrance oils organic?

Umm, this is complicated. Fragrances have anywhere from 20 to 100 ingredients, some perfumes can even have up to 300 or more. Not everything can come from plants. My oils have plant derived ingredients and synthetic ones as well. If there are only plant based ingredients, the quality of the items goes down really fast in a few months since essential oils will start to decompose no matter how well they can be stored. So basically body oils have a mix of plant based and synthetic variants. Also, to keep prices down, usage of synthetic ingredients is necessary. As an example; Lavender essential oil is $80/lb. (if you see it cheaper online, there is a good chance it’s not fresh or it is not uncut) but synthetic lavender oil, is for around $30/lb. (wholesale prices)

How long does perfume oil last?

If they are uncut, for many long hours, sometimes even days, yes, I said it right days. It depends on where you apply it, what kind of oil it is, your body chemistry etc.

Do you have uncut perfume oils? What carrier oils do you use?

I only sell uncut perfume oils. What I get from my manufacturer is what I sell to you. Customers’ feedbacks speak for themselves. I have no interest in giving 100% uncut oils to my other customers and selling a lower quality oil to you. You know what I mean? In this social/connected world, a bad review can lose my years of hard work. I have no interest of that happening. About carrier oils… these are just fillers or thinners to my knowledge. Some sellers may use almond based oil, some other may use other deodorized plant based oils, but in the end, all those sellers are substituting the fragrance oil with a cheaper oil, thus giving a less valuable product to the end consumer.

Keep in mind the uncut oil is for perfume oils only if you buy the perfume sprays I have to add a perfume enhancer (alcohol) to make the oil more sprayable otherwise the spray pump may go bad. My dilution ratio is 50% which is way stronger than the store bought perfume which has only 20% oil and the rest in alcohol.

Where do you apply body oils…?

Well, I have heard form sellers and seen from users that they put them in places such as wrists, behind ears, lower neck, behind the knees (as a user mentioned in Basenotes forum)

I prefer myself to apply a little in my hair. When hair gets wet, it gives an extra dose of strength and even after showers I can still smell a soft delicate scent. I put some oil in inner collar, or in shirt corners. Clothes may get stained so be warned. I do this because I have sensitiveness to practically anything I touch. I use soap for sensitive skin for hand, hair and body wash. Putting oil on clothes allows me to enjoy the scents I enjoy.

If you don’t like the idea of body oils, perhaps you can upgrade them to perfume atomizers. Either buy them ready made (ask for the mix ratio though) or buy oil in bulk, perfumers alcohol, an atomizer bottle, and you got your DIY perfume for less than $20, when it retails for close to $70 at least and up to hundreds for many niche and designer perfumes.

Remember when I said oils last for days? If they are applied on clothes, some of them do last for days. Keep in mind about nose fatigue or nose blindness. After some time, you get used to the scent and will not notice it. Rest assured, the scent is still living strong on you. One way to test is either ask a significant one or close friend if they can smell perfume on you, or put some in a cloth/tissue and let it stay in another room. Visit the room in a few hours. You will notice the test sample item still has scent on it.

Difference between strength and longevity of a perfume oil?

Keep in mind something when you judge the oils. Oils Strength and Oil lasting power. With strength I mean an overpowering strong scent or a soft scent. One dab and the whole room smells like the fragrance. This does not mean though that it will last long. It might only last for one or two hours.

Two examples:

Egyptian musk/white amber are both long lasting but not very strong scents. Even though you can’t notice them from far away but they still will last for a while.

Cotton Candy, Tobacco oud TF inspired or Creed Aventus type scents are strong according to me. You will notice them from a distance.

All my oils are uncut so they do last for many hours at least 3 -4 hours up to 8 or more (just one drop in my tests), but your mileage may vary.

I don’t like using oils. Any other options for me?

Yes of course. You can purchase perfumes. These have alcohol in them and come in spray bottle. I have several bottle designs available, diamond glass, square, frosted cylindrical bottles. Some purse style containers as well. I mix half oil half alcohol. This way the scent is very nice and strong and still spray-able. If there is no alcohol, the spray will just shoot blobs of perfume and the pump may go bad as well.

Who uses these perfume oils?

Anyone, from high school kids with limited allowances and weekend jobs to parents and grandparents. Reasons are many, saving on cash is a strong incentive. Usually perfumes that retail for $100+ are good oil candidates. The same perfumes sell online for half to a third of the real market price, but authenticity is not always guaranteed. Another reason is discontinued perfumes. The body oil variant is one way to keep your nostalgic scents still living. Another reason is plain convenience and long lasting fragrance. Oils are considerable stronger than the perfumes and come in many sizes. 1/3 oz and 1 oz roll ons are very common, as are sample vials usually in size 1-2 ml. These make some good purse items, pocket accessories, car dashboard, travel size kits etc.

My long lasting perfumes are saving my customers on average $250 dollars a year. How much can you save?

How close are the body oils to the brand named designer perfumes?

They are very very close. For many people they smell almost the same if not exactly the same as the branded version. For a few people the changes are noticeable. For very few, less than 1% from experience, the difference is so much that they can’t tell the oil and the perfume are even similar, basically they don’t recognize the perfume in the bottle. This usually ends up with a returned merchandise or a negative feedback in online marketplaces. The fact that there are less than 1% negatives and around 1% neutrals, speaks for itself. The oils are a very good substitute for the branded perfumes.

I got Egyptian Musk a few months back, and again just recently. The color is different. What’s up with that? Why are the oils in different color?

Some oils are clean or slight yellow; I color those myself with food or candle coloring. While recoloring the new batch; for whatever reason color didn’t come that well. This has happened with Egyptian musk scent. I have a honey thick version which once it is inside a bottle it’s very hard to shake and mix with colors. I did color it a few times but my hand would hurt, so now I don’t bother any longer. I guarantee you, it’s the same oil.

A new purchase doesn’t smell the same as before. What about that?

It can be two reasons,

1st – it is you, it’s not me (and I am not trying to break up with you). I have had this happen multiple times. I provided customers with oil from the same bottle as previous transaction. I have checked my records, customers buying time and my records of restocking. One of the buyers went extra mile and hired a “nose”. This particular customer agreed that it was indeed same scent, A few others unfortunately, were too quick to judge and didn’t believe me.

2nd – my supplier or I, changed the oil source. When my supplier changes their purchasing source, unfortunately I don’t get to know that. I have tested all the oils I have bought and compared them to branded ones. When restocking I sniff test them to make sure I get the same oil and they are not mislabeled. These changes in sources can cause slight changes in scent variations. I have been honest when customers have complained about such issues. I really do strive for their satisfaction and told them that the bottles are different or oils are from different suppliers. A few times they have been satisfied with my answer and a few cases they have returned the oils. No ill feelings toward them, and hopefully none toward me.

When I change my suppliers, I change them for the better of yours. For the better of yours it is when I get a stronger scent, a closer to the original. I test the new samples before I place my order. The way I test them, is to put same quantity of the 1st source and 2nd source in strip test papers.

I sniff them at regular intervals to compare the strength, the richness and the lasting of the oils. I go with whatever I believe is of higher quality. I am always trying to improve my products.

What are your bestselling perfume oils?

Egyptian Musk is very good one. It is very thick and sweet like honey. I don’t recommend it to cold climate people unless you keep it warm in the dashboard or in your warm pocket, otherwise it will freeze.

Creed Aventus type is very good, Tobacco oud/Vanille, Black Opium Type etc are also very good ones.

There are some gems, oils that are not backed up by designers, but nevertheless are very nice. Golden sand is my favorite and that’s what I use mostly myself, sandalwood, Paradise breeze (my own blend), white amber ….. you got to try them yourself and add to your collection!

I am still skeptical, tell me some more….

Well, I kind of have said all I could think of. Just think about it, for the price of coffee, you can purchase a few samples and check for yourself. I am sure you will find the oils pleasant and very good duplicates. If you substitute any of your perfume purchases with an oil, you will already have made up your sample purchase and save money in the future. Why buy a 2 ml sample designer perfume when you can buy 1 oz of uncut oil instead? Why buy a 1.7 oz of perfume when for the same price you can buy 10 roll ons? If you are still not convinced, read some of my customers’ feedbacks.

This is a feedback from a customer:

Okay, I tried 10 men’s fragrances, all of my favorites, I have to say some are spot on, some are very close but every single one is FIRE! If you are on the fence, just pull the trigger and get some.

OK, I am getting convinced. Recommend me some oils.

That’s kind of hard to do. I have a large collection of Versace, D&G, and proudly to my knowledge the largest collection from any seller online of these designer inspired: Tom Ford , Creed, Gurlain, Jo Malone, YSL, Clive & Bond. If you want something truly unique, I think the quickest way to find them is get something from TF, JMalone, Creed & Bond collection. They don’t repeat the scents and they are like no ones. Truly different.

Where do I buy? How quickly do they get shipped?

You can buy them to any of the marketplaces: Here are my stores:

Or you can buy safely with paypal (Paypal offers buyer protection and also keeps your banking information private ) through my website.

The prices on my website are lower (more than %10) compared to marketplaces, since I am passing marketplace fees to you as savings. I do ship well within 3 business days, and in many cases within 1 day. If you buy it on Thursday or Friday, I may ship it by Monday, so be patient if you don’t see any tracking on weekend. Emails get replied promptly during business days.

Do you ship outside United States?

Sorry we do not have international shipping available at the moment.

I have been honest with my statements above. I have shown the good and also the bad points that customers have said that I recall at the moment. I have many repeat customers and I am grateful to them for their initial trust in me and their return purchases.

Any questions, feel free to ask. I may post your questions in my FAQ so that others may benefit from it, and may add your compliments to my writings (but remove your personal identifying information) .

‘Of course many people love the sense of luxury that comes with wearing a designer perfume, but a savvy shopper is happy to wear an amazing fragrance that doesn’t come with the designer bottle and luxury price tag’. – Said some UK dude working in retail industry that sells $15 perfumes inspired by the expensive designer brands.

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